Aloha Juice Bar
"A little red shack. You can't miss it when in the village. You can buy the best smoothies and juices packed with fresh raw ginger and turmeric."

Na Pali coastline hike/ Hanakapi'ai Trail
"If you're an intrepid traveller, then this is for you. Eight miles and almost eight hours later, you will either love or hate yourself! It can go either way. Take before and after images. We were covered in mud afterwards.

You will find yourself hiking through a lush river valley, a hidden surf beach and a dense bamboo forest. Otherworldly waterfalls await you at the end, where you can soak and take it all in. I literally threw myself in, it was that breathtaking."

Farmers markets in Hanalei
"There are two farmers markets in Hanalei; one on Tuesday and one on Saturday. This is where you should begin your trip to get acquainted with the island.

Meet locals, take in the scenery (both markets are situated on untouched endless fields with breathtaking views), and eat your way through the market tasting local fruits and vegetables.

There are also stands with farm-to-table food to snack on. It's a great culinary experience to walk through.

Something that we always take home is the wild raw organic honey from Kauai. It makes a great gift to bring back, and is a staple in our LA pantry. These small vendors don't pack and ship, so it's a must to order bottles to take home with you!"

Hanalei Beach
"Surfing or paddle boarding at a Kauai beaches is a must. Hanalei Beach boasts scenic 360-degree views of the mountains and the ocean. It is a playground for surfers, and is one of the wildest, well-known beaches in Hawaii."​

Food trucks in Hanalei
"There is a great selection of food trucks with something for everyone in Hanalei. They're usually walking distance from Hanalei Beach.

I love the fish taco stands and the very best Indian vegan food truck Turmeric Cafe. I'm addicted to both."​

Queen's Bath
"Take a short hike down to the magical black igneous rock formations, and you will find a tide pool known to "wash off stress". It's great for spotting large sea turtles sun bathing.

The views and crashing waves are otherworldly and a must visit when you're on the North Shore."